Animosity – Why Is This the Norm in Adult Forums?

The much wiser older generation cannot begin to comprehend how you, we, us spend hours and hours on social networking sites and of course, that window you tend to minimize when someone approaches – the adult forum. Admit it, the discussion on adult forums are quite interesting because they discuss the sensitive issues usually revolving on the topic of sex and relationships, which we rarely discuss openly with new acquaintances because society dictates it. Well, you are one lucky person if you always have the freedom to discuss such things openly with a person you just met some minutes ago. But this is not always the case. The adage “no two situations are the same” applies. Most of the time, it will be awkward to discuss such topics with people we just met.Human beings are the highest form of animals – this is one fact that is attributed to many factors and among that factors is our ability to socialize and interact. Through the socialization process, we are able to develop our critical thinking, update our knowledge, validate some issues that we have questions about, meet people with the same cultural background, form new ideas and so much more. We cannot consider to be healthy if we do not socialize. But why maintain animosity? Are we afraid to show who we really are? Why do most adults use pen names or plain numbers?Well, for one thing, safety is a concern. We all know the perils of some few unguarded moments of vulnerability. Like animals, predators in adult forums disguise themselves as sheep. However, another point of view is, using an anonymous or pen name gives us the freedom to say what we want without being judged. Fear of rejection is somehow eliminated for the brain can rationalize that even if one person in that adult forum criticize what you have said, you can always be comforted that no one knows who you really are behind the name that you used.Furthermore, it also fosters creativity. How? When you enter such adult forums, what you usually do is scan the names already inside the forum. Automatically, you will end up buzzing on a name that sounds interesting, thought-provoking or any name that sends an underlying meaning for you.In the end, the names we used usually represents the type of personality that we have or should I say, the type of person that you keep hidden from your associates. In psychology, our personality is defined by the four Johari’s window – the public self, private, semi-public and the unknown self. The private self is usually what we exhibit when we enter adult forums under anonymous names.Lastly, adult forums provides a means of meeting people, discussing issues that are socially present but not accepted to be discussed openly. Trust is something that we don’t give in consideration to safety, but nevertheless, it is a forum where you can be yourself without the fear of being judged with your modern views and opinions on sensitive issues.