The Difference Between Adult Pull Ups and Adult Briefs

A variety of adult incontinence products have been developed to help people struggling from incontinence deal with their condition. Two such products are the adult pull ups and the adult briefs. Both products help to manage incontinence, but they have different designs and appeal to different types of users.Wearing Options
These are designed to be pulled on or off like normal underwear. As such, they are easy to manipulate when one has to go to the washroom since there is no need to completely remove it and put it back on as would be the case with adult briefs. These are preferred by people who are on-the-go and are able to change them on their own. This is because these are familiar to them and are thus convenient and easy to use. The pull ups generally do not have tabs and this feature is mainly found on adult briefs. However, there are some brands that have introduced pull ups with side tabs that can be refastened for those who would like that functionality in their protective underwear.Adult briefs on the other hand are designed with side tabs which facilitate their removal. All that one has to do is to tear away the sides and remove the brief. Most of the tabs found on adult briefs are the type that can be refastened as this allows the brief to be adjusted to fit more securely on the wearer’s body. The refastening tabs also allow the wearer to remove the brief so as to go to the bathroom and then put it back on.Discretion
Pull ups tend to be slimmer and provide a closer fit on the body than adult briefs. As such, the pull ups tend to be more discreet and unnoticeable. This is a major feature that makes many people opt for this product since discretion and maintaining their freedom is very important to them. Adult briefs do also offer a measure of discretion, but they are a bit more bulky than the pull ups.Adult briefs generally have higher absorbencies than adult pull ups. While the pull ups do cater for all levels of urinary incontinence, from light to heavy, they are strongest at providing protection for those with light or moderate incontinence. Adult briefs are especially preferred by caregivers due to their high absorbency and side tabs, and they use them on patients who suffer from heavy or severe urinary incontinence, as well from fecal incontinence. The side tabs on the briefs make their removal much easier than pull ups especially when the patient is lying down. Adult pull ups are not as effective in handling fecal incontinence.Ease of Use
A disadvantage of this protective cloth is that their pull-on and pull-off feature means that the user has to completely remove his pants in order to put on another pull up product. With adult briefs, the side tabs ensure that the product can be replaced without the wearer having to remove his pants.As for adult briefs, one disadvantage is that they are not easy to put on and position correctly, regardless of whether the wearer is putting them on himself or is being assisted to get them on. The briefs have a strip that indicates wetness and which can be used as a guide to help one put it on correctly, but this is still cumbersome. Pull ups, on the other hand, are much easier to fit correctly since one only needs to pull them on and they fit securely in place.Both adult pull ups and adult briefs have pros and cons. It helps to try out both options in order to find the one that will effectively manage your incontinence problems and can give you back your pride. Do not be embarrassed by incontinence and instead buy supplies that make dealing with this condition easier!